Sunday, June 27, 2010

Experiments in Food Processing

I have been attempting to make baby food for the little guy. The store bought always seems so diluted compared to what I make - green beans at the store are light green but mine are bright, carrots are orange but SUPER orange when I make them. But it's not easy! He seems to like the diluted flavor and super smooth texture of the processed store foods. So, I have to really process the heck out of the food to get him to eat it. Often I'll mix home made with store bought so it's closer to what he's used to. I did recently discover that adding tofu into some foods works well to dilute the flavor, make it smoother in texture, and also ads protein.

As I start to do more of this I really should post my recipes here, or at least pictures of what I've made. Nothing fancy really, just a fruit or veggie cooked and whipped. But I'm trying to get a little bolder as he gets older.