Monday, November 15, 2010

Active Toddler

I have a few more days off before it's back to the corporate world. Hudson and I have been having a great time outside, but today it's pretty cold and there's a lot of work going on outside for the gas lines, so we looked for something new to do. Today we went to Monkey Joe's. It's a place filled with those inflatable jumpers you usually see people rent for parties.

What was Hudson's first impression? He was unsure of the whole thing. Much like his father he was drawn to the arcade and spent a lot of time there. When there were other kids on the toddler jumpers he was more willing to play than when it was just him. I did find that if I put him over the wall on one side he liked to run to the screen door where I'd go to catch him. I think he thought it was a game of peek a boo like we play with his play pen. He did slide down the little slide a few times and loved it, but it was hard for me to get him up there as he wouldn't climb up it himself. I do think if we would have gone with his 2 year old cousin they'd have had a great time together because his cousin has been there before and Hudson would have followed him around.

It wasn't very crowded on an early Monday afternoon. No parties taking place. There were kids there but it was not at all crowded and we had a good parking spot fairly close to the door.

One odd thing - one of the two toddler areas was right by the window and the sun was coming directly in. It was blinding and HOT! They really should have had some kind of shade.

I would go again. I think the next time we'd wear t-shirts. Not thinking we were dressed for the weather, not for running around inside. I would also have him get a nap in before instead of being exhausted when we left. Doing those things would put him in a better mood and I think he'd be braver and have more fun.

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