Monday, December 13, 2010


We had a jar of leftover baby food. Hudson is WAY past eating baby food mash. He has no patience for others feeding him and while he does love to use the flatware and feed himself he's extremely messy with it.

So, what to do with that jar of baby food? It's over $1 and still perfectly good. Well, I also had some left over mashed potato and an idea was born.

I took the baby food and put it into a bowl and mixed in a bunch of the mashed potato and added some curry and parsley and leftover shredded cheese and put some into a hot fry pan. Well this turned out only OK - the pancake didn't hold together too well. So into the batter I added some pancake mix and a bit of milk. This time it was better, but now a little too thick and still not holding together as well as I wanted. So then I added an egg yolk and a bit more milk. This time my pancake turned out great. It was still a bit soft but I figure once they cool off they'll be good. I tasted it a few times and it was quite good. Now he'll get some protein and other veg in addition to the potato and it's different. I just hope he likes them!

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