Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taste Test

Today the little man and I went to Whole Foods. We did some shopping and that was great. He was super behaved in the cart and didn't whine or fight to get out or grab a glass bottle and toss it onto the floor. He looked around and took it all in.

Then we had lunch with his Nana, my mom, who works nearby. That was a treat! I got a sampling of a bunch of things from their salad and food bar and put a bunch into a bowl for him. He'd reach in and grab things and look at them, if they looked interesting he'd put it into his mouth. Some things, like the grilled eggplant, he would chew for a bit and then hand to me. I guess he liked the taste but not the texture. Other things like the raisins he just didn't seem to like the look or feel of and didn't taste them at all. The mushrooms he kept trying but would spit out after only a chew or two - they're bland. But he LOVED the cranberry compote and the shredded beef and tomato. Sweet potato chips and sage bread were also big hits as we drove around the store and hit the sample stands.

He is really crazy in love with tomato, which I find funny because his dad and I really don't like tomato. He seems to be already rebelling against his parents.

He ate a good share of food, trying a variety of foods and veggies and the taste test experiment was really fun.

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